During the summer season there is a wonderful man that offers regional tours. His name is Leroy 
Hinderliter and he has been in the area  for a long time.  He is very well versed in the history and lore 
for each tour site.

The tours are usually scheduled for Tuesdays. On the day of your tour you meet in the clubroom. Departure is typically 
at 9am and participants drive their own vehicles. As some of the tours last all day, please make sure 
you leave any pets with food and water, have fuel in your vehicle, and arrive in the Golden Eagle Clubroom no later 
than 8:45am. You will receive important details about where you are going, what there is to do, and the 
approximate time you will return. Every driver is loaned a walkie-talkie set to the same channel so Leroy 
can communicate tour information to everyone at the same time. Our tours are highly informative and entertaining, 
plus, the scenery is marvelous! Information on current outings are posted in the Golden Eagle Clubroom and at 
the front desk.  A sign up sheet is available in the Clubroom a week prior to each tour.

You may request tours that are not listed.  Please contact the front desk staff and they will contact Leroy with your request. If time allows, Leroy will be happy to accommodate you. You may also contact 
him with any questions about things to do or see while visiting the area.



The tour will leave Golden Eagle RV Park at 9 am Wednesday and travel about 15 miles to the Alpaca farm.  While at the farm, you will learn about the Alpacas and see them being sheared.  After leaving the farm, you will travel a beautiful road past the area where the movie "Lonesome Dove" was filmed.  This is on the way to lunch in Mora.  You will also be able to see a couple of old Grist Mills in the area.  


The tour will leave Golden Eagle RV Park at 9 a.m. and travel through the beautiful road towards Mora.  The first stop will be to view a scene from the movie “Lonesome Dove”.  The next stop will be at the Mora National Fish Hatchery where you will learn the steps that this fish hatchery uses from the fingerlings to the grown fish. They deal with the Gila Trout.  After this, you will travel on to Mora to have lunch at Hatcha’s which is a very nice authentic Mexican restaurant.  You will then return to Golden Eagle RV Park.  

This is a nice tour for our Golden Eagle guests and lasts approximately 5 hours.


The tour will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel through the Red River Pass and on to the small town of Questa.  Just north of  Questa is the Wild Rivers.  This is where the Rio Grande and the Red Rivers meet.  You will look down several hundred feet to the fast moving waters.  From there you will go south to the fish hatchery where you can feed the large trout.  You will then go to Taos for lunch.  After lunch you will visit the Rio Grande Gorge.  This is a very fascinating view of the Rio Grande - something you will talk about.  


This is an all day tour.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel through the beautiful Cimarron Canyon, site of part of the Colfax County War, and on to the historic town of Cimarron.  Your tour will take us to the old town beginning at the St. James Hotel.  This hotel hosted people such as Buffalo Bill, Jessie James, Zane Grey, Annie Oakley, Wyatt Earp, and Bat Masterson, among others.  You will then take a guided walking tour of about one mile.  You will probably have lunch at the St. James Hotel.  You will then travel a few miles south to tour the summer home of Waite Phillips, who gave thousands of acres to the Boy Scouts.  After this, you will return to Golden Eagle RV Park. 


This tour lasts about 4-5 hours.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel to Raton.  At Raton, you will take a tour of the Shuler Theater, which was completed in 1915.  The theater is designed in the European Rococo style and hosts top entertainment.  Close by is a very fine museum with excellent local history.  The host there is a former coal miner who gives personal insight.  You will have lunch in Raton and then return to Golden Eagle RV Park. 

This tour lasts about 5-6 hours.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel through the beautiful Cimarron Canyon, site of part of the Colfax County War, and on to the historic town of Cimarron.   You will travel south of Cimarron to the largest scout encampment in the world.  Here you will enjoy a tour by a representative of the Boy Scouts.  After this tour you will have lunch in Cimarron.  From Cimarron you will travel south to Rayodo and tour the re-constructed home and trading post of Kit Carson.  

This tour lasts about 4-5 hours.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel on a beautiful drive south through typical small Hispanic villages through mountains and forests to Chimayo.  As you enter Chimayo, which is also a small town, you will go to probably one of the best Mexican restaurants in the area for lunch.  You will then go to the old Catholic Church which was built when this country was still "New Spain."  You will then visit a local weavers shop.  The current generation is the seventh generation of weavers.  They still weave the old fashioned way with hand and foot powered wooden machines.  You will come back through Espanola on the way back to Golden Eagle RV Park.  


This is a full day tour.


Come with us to visit the oldest town in Colorado where you will also visit the oldest store in Colorado.   We will leave at 9 a.m. and travel to San Luis, Colorado.  This town is just north of the Colorado/New Mexico line.  While going we will pass through wild horse country and may see some wild horses.  While in San Luis we will visit a spectacular sanctuary situated  above the town.  You will also visit the old store which is complete with groceries, hardware, etc.  At lunch you will eat at a local Mexican restaurant.  

This is a full day tour.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park at 9 a.m and travel through the beautiful Cimarron Canyon, site of part of the Colfax Coutny war, and on to the historic town of Cimarron.  You will travel a few miles to the famous Chase Ranch.  This ranch was founded in 1867 by Manly and Theresa Chase.  The ranch included the old Kit Carson homestead.  The ranch remained in the family until the great-granddaughter died in 2012.  The Boy Scouts of America now leases the ranch and provides tours.  The house and furnishings remain mostly as they were originally.  From the ranch, you will travel a few miles to Colfax where you will have lunch at an old restaurant where they sere good pizza and hamburgers.  From there, you will travel to a large scout camp.  There Tom Guioni, a local Philmont representative, will show us the various things that the scouts learn during their visit.


This is a full day tour.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and travel towards Raton.  About 7 miles this side of Raton, you will visit the Whittington Center of the National Rifle Association.  Here there is an excellent fire arms museum.  Just west and back of the N.R.A. is the abandoned Van Houton Coal Mining camp which you will tour.  On the way to the large protected entrance to the mine, we will be able to identify many sites of the original mining camp.  On the way back, if time permits, we will visit the Dawson Cemetery which holds the remains of several hundred coal miners killed in two explosions.  


This is a 6-8 hour tour.



You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park and explore the wilderness of the Valle Vidal Road.  This is an all-weather, rough road which starts north of Cimarron and comes out at Costilla which is north of Questa.  This road is a typical forest road.  At one point, you will be just on the far side of Mount Baldy.  You will also park at a spot where you can walk to the original house of a family in the early times.  The walk is about a mile round trip.  There will be a picnic lunch at this stop.  You will get into very pretty streams on this road plus a very scenic view from high areas.  We have seen elk, bear and buffalo on this trip.  


This is a full day tour.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park at 8:45 a.m. and travel through Raton, north over the Raton Pass to the town of Trinidad.  On the way to Raton, you may see the large wild herd of Buffalo.  We will probably stop at Raton for a break.  At Trinidad, we will board the free Trinidad Trolley.  The trolley stops at the Welcome Center and all the museums while showing us the features of this town on the Santa Fe trail.  We will have lunch in Trinidad before heading back to Golden Eagle RV Park.  Trinidad also has a super Wal-Mart who wish to leave the tour there.


You will leave Golden Eagle RV Park at 9 a.m. and travel about a mile to the entrance of the Eagle Nest Dam where we will be met by a representative of the State of New Mexico.  You will walk less than a half mile following a stream to the dam itself.  Greg Carlisle, of the State of New Mexico Engineering Department, will give some history on the construction of the dam, which was built by two Springer brothers and completed in 1917.  He will provide information about when the State of New Mexico aquired the lake and interesting facts of what the state does with the water and the various improvements that they have provided.  Afterwards, you will have time to take pictures and ask Greg any questions you may have.  You will return to Golden Eagle RV Park for lunch on your own.

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