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The Medical Corner

We at Golden Eagle RV Park want you to have a happy, and a health, vacation. I want to discuss prevention of blood clots in the legs, medically referred to as DVT's (deep vein thrombosis). A DVT is a blood clot that forms in the lower leg. In some cases, the clot can travel to the lung, called a PE or pulmonary embolism, and that can be fatal.

Some things that can make you more susceptible are: older age, obesity, smoking, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, and limited movement (including traveling).

While traveling, it is recommended that you stay well-hydrated, get out and walk around as much as possible, and wear loose clothing. Compression socks are good for those who are prone to leg swelling.

The symptoms of a DVT include swelling of the leg that can be painful, red, and warm. If you think you have a DVT, then go to the Emergency Room (ER). It can be treated.

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Aryln Wing PA-C

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